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SBL?, a brief insight

Over the past 12 years GR8 Property has established itself and brand as a market leader in the commercial office and industrial broking market in Pretoria, Centurion & Midrand. During this time there has been little change, other than selective technology advancement, in the way the industry as a whole approaches its business, despite the challenging business environment experienced throughout this time.

Today’s business environment demands a greater focus on embracing latest technology and methodologies in the manner in which broker business is conducted, to enhance functional efficiencies, contain costs, optimise time management and enhance success rates, with resultant increased income generation.

To ensure our continued market leadership, cutting-edge advancement and capacity for growth, we have integrated, co-developed and fine-tuned international technologically advanced systems and procedures with local products,that underpin our current successful operations. Our SBL business model is GR8 Property’s route to its next growth phase and a National foot-print, which is set to revolutionise the future of commercial & industrial broking country-wide.

is SBL?

SBL is a business operating license, permitting the licensee to brand and operate a Commercial or Industrial estate agency, utilizing the intellectual capital of GR8 Property, for its sole benefit, during the currency of the license. In doing so the licensee will be required to conform to specified terms & conditions, standards and ethics to protect the GR8 brand, whilst enjoying operational independence and flexibility.

SBL is a market changing product designed specifically for top performing brokers and sole proprietor or small business principals to break away from traditional business structures, advance their entrepreneurial ambitions, operate or continue to operate their own business, leap ahead of their competition, enjoy ALL the financial rewards of their labour, enter the virtual business world with access to sophisticated/advanced CRM and marketing platforms, be surrounded by top tier brokers and have the support of a recognised National Brand. 

Separate/Independent Commercial (office) and Industrial (warehouse & factory) Licenses are envisaged in larger metropolitan areas, however multiple licenses will be considered on application and combined commercial/industrial licenses will be applicable to smaller towns where market size dictates. 

is the target market?

We seek, hard working, successful Commercial and Industrial brokers with a desire to dramatically improve earnings, but are constrained by subdued market conditions and conventional employment structures.  We cannot change market conditions, but an SBL offers a smarter working environment where all the rewards accrue to the licensee, where, with the same level of commitment, income will increase substantially in the short-term and when the market turns for the better, income will increases exponentially. 

We also see the potential for successful Sole proprietors and small independent business principals whose desire for maintaining and/ or growing his/her business and status is increasingly challenged by the financial constraints of the subdued market-place, access to continually advancing technology, operating platforms and methodologies and suffers the draw-backs and isolation of the ‘small fish in a big pond’ syndrome. Our SBL caters for a change of business direction, with associated benefits, whilst retaining the most valued virtues of independence and flexibility, commitment, self-belief & motivation and a desire to succeed are pre-requisites to an SBL.

are licenses available?

Our SBL License locations foot-print has been carefully pre-determined on the basis of available commercial or industrial GLA and potential for further development growth, to offer the licensee an optimal sized operational area of its choice in which to operate, farm and grow market-share, for maximum reward.    

Limited SBL License opportunities are available initially in Pretoria & Johannesburg, after which a phased national roll-out through Cape Town, Durban and other major regional cities and towns will follow.  You will ultimately become a part of a National Brand of more than 30 commercial & Industrial licensees countrywide, envisaged to be fully subscribed to by mid- 2018.  Once an area is licensed, no further future sub-division is envisaged, so opportunity is restricted.

A list of available license areas is available on application and expression of interest.

can I take advantage?

SBL License opportunities are available immediately on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, in the defined areas.

If you are interested in a SBL License for later phases of our roll-out outside Johannesburg, please do not hesitate to register your interest early

Act now, before your competitor snaps up this rare OPPORTUNITY.

do I get more information?

E-mail Ref: SBL, to arrange a personal but informal face to face introduction to SBL . The SBL motto is 'success breeds success'. To ensure this culture is entrenched, there is a screening process of applicants.

Welcome to the new ‘SBL’ world of commercial broking!